49 Replies to “Man Admits To Killing Son For Life Insurance – Crime Watch Daily With Chris Hansen (Pt 1)”

  1. im not blaming this poor lady for anything ! but i would seriously think its strange that my husband lost his previous wife, the barn was on fire…. another barn was on fire a 2nd time and now his son dies ……. thats obviously not bad luck !

  2. If you go to a dictionary and look up his name you'll see …..

    -Man who is a homicidal arsonist wife killer who deserves the texas death penalty . I'm against the capital punishment but in this CASE i think its warranted!

  3. The insurance co. should have got alerted after the first 2 fires. I'm surprised because those investigators are like rotweilers that haven't eaten in a week.

  4. There are lots of Scott Peterson are out there. He was a killing machine. Most often people take a very expensive life insurance on their own family members because beneath that there is always an ulterior motives. This monster was no exception.

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