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  1. The Power BI template now produces an error in the import from the website due to a change in the population column (Población (2014)) – the wiki page now has the column as "Población (2016)".
    Thanks as always for your wonderful resources.

  2. Good video, but the link for the function is not working. I recommend just pasting it somewhere in the description because everyone is asking for it and the links keep expiring.

  3. Hi Ruth!
    Thanks for the great video!
    However i can't download your file by the gofile link…Same situation as Marcos: "20 minutes displaying "Conexión en curso" and does nothing".
    Can you help, please.

  4. Hi, i'm trying to download the file but i can't. I'm working in a project and i had many problems to show information with this type of control. Currently i use some svg's maps with synoptic design and it requires time to prepare data and maps.

    Greetings from Argentina! I love your channel, I have learned a lot 🙂

  5. Hello Ruth, i'm Mauricio. I am a Power BI beginner, actually i am not a developer (i'm agricultural engineer). But i need to do exactly the same what you did in the video. Can you send me the formulas that you used? I got the API key, but i'm stucked in somewhere. Something like that could help me a lot!

  6. I have noticed with all your videos it takes you about 3 mins to start video. It does take awhile and you drag out the point of video. Constructive feedback, speak quicker and get to the point.

  7. Hello again: I am not sure where my comments went. Because I need help. I have implemented this query and it is producing several errors after it runs. I have a recordset of almost 500,000 records and one of the locations it errors on is Dallas TX USA Repeatedly. Can someone please advise me what I am doing wrong and why this is erroring?

  8. why not paste the location formula into the description of video.. same with other videoes containing longer than 2 lines of formula would be nice to have pasted in description

  9. Hi Rute,

    Very great Video 🙂

    Could you also give me an idea of how I could do the reverse-geocoding (give lat long, get address) using the same method in Power BI? Or you could share the code (I have zero knowledge on coding) that could be applicable. This video already gets me very close to what I want. But my poor coding understanding stops me from achieving there :(.


  10. Ruth! Thanks for the video. However, I am getting an OLE DB or ODBC error: Expression.Error] The column 'Column1' of the table wasn't found.. I was able to invoke the function and return valid Long/Lats but when I clicked close and apply the error prevented the table from being updated.

  11. Hi Ruth! Thank you for the awesome video 😉

    I have a question regarding adding a map to PBI. Is it possible to add also the peak hours for a certain shopping, for instance? If so, how would you do it?

    Thank you in advance! 🙂

  12. Hi ruth, how can you add some delay in M script to avoid errors due to too many requests ? I have tried with Function.InvokeAfter but then the query falls in error as several processes were running…

  13. Hola! Sgdo. el video de como obtener la Google API KEY, he cambiado esa clave en la función "Google Maps API". Sin embargo, cuando intento invocarla me dice que debo proporcionar credenciales. En ese momento, puedo poner credenciales como Anónimo, Windows, Básico, API WEB, y Cuenta Organización. He elegido API WEB, ingresado la clave que he creado en la console developer con la API, pero me sigue saliendo el error "Una clave API solo puede especificarse cuando se proporciona un nombre de clave de API web" .. sabes cual puede ser el problema?

  14. Hello Ruth,
    Great video.
    I´m struggling to get it work.
    I copied the query from your pbix file to my file.
    Where i put the API Key?
    Can you clarify it, step by step?
    Thanks and regards

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