33 Replies to “Marvel Studios’ Captain Marvel – Official Trailer”

  1. S – wisdom of Solomon

    H – strength of Hercules

    A – stamina of Atlas (including his invulnerability)

    Z – power of Zeus (including his ability to summon thunderbolts)

    A – courage of Achilles

    M – speed of Mercury (including flight)

  2. So Brie Larson is on twitter telling "white dudes" not to go see her movie. Hear you loud and clear Brie. You stink worse than the cheese you're named after.

  3. Why is everyone hating on Brie Larson as Captain Marvel? Yeah, some of her lines are kinda eh, but I can definitely see her doing a decent or good job in the movie.

  4. I semi enjoy the Marvel movies (I'm in no ways a major or know-it-all fan) and know a bit about SOME comic storylines but this trailer does not put me onto wanting to see it. Idk if they got the wrong actress, or this trailer is a crapjob of an edit, but idk anything about Captain Marvel and this trailer does absolutely nothing in telling me what's up

  5. I was going to see this movie, but being a white male (not my fault by the way), Brie Larson says this movie isnt for me. I guess I will go and buy another copy of the Wonder Woman Blue Ray.

  6. You can imagine a teaser spoiler at the end of this movie, where Captain America, Iron Man, Dr. Strange, and rest of the team are arguing in some building how to take down Thanos……then the door opens….everyone's head turns…..Captain Marvel slowly strolls in her mighty superhero uniform. End of spoiler. Oh yess.

  7. I wonder if Brie Larson auditions by just staring blankly into space, and talking in the most monotone voice ever. Why marvel!? She's a horrible actress. I have absolutely no interest in this crap. Just hurry up and do the black widow movie if you want a female lead since DC beat you to it.

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