36 Replies to “Meet Google Home Hub”

  1. Come on Google. Please make excellent hardware! Your software is so great but your devices always lack something or copied from other design. This could be great if you put less bezel, black at least, and camera! Why not make device that has it all? That way people will opt to buy your products without even thinking. Can't any of your employee think of that?

  2. How to make your own Google Home Hub!

    1.Buy a $100 tablet

    2.Record your voice at a studio for $50

    3.Put all your answers to questions onto the tablet

    4.Stick it to a block of wood

    5.Enjoy your new Google Home Hub

  3. Be very aware because Google is not clear. If you have a G-SUITE account of any type (Business, Education, Non-Profit, Family) it will not work with any Google products. Yes, it is true. Even though G-Suite is completely developed and sold by Google, if you use a G-Suite account to setup any Google products, or try to add the account to share, etc., it will not work. Google also refuses to directly admit the issue, and will not say when or even if there will be a fix.

  4. I would've bought two of these for xmas has they had a camera. One for me the other for my parents. I'll sit this one out and wait for version two. Great design tho….

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