Mesothelioma: Treatment

Dr. Joseph Friedberg, thoracic surgeon-in chief at the University of Maryland Medical Center, describes mesothelioma and options for treatment.


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  1. I was exposed to asbestos, and was recently diagnosed with Pleural Mesothelioma.  I never worked with asbestos, as I was an office worker.  Apparently, where I lived in Pennsylvania there was an asbestos manufacturer.  It was like being  broadsided in an accident, when we found out what I had.  I've always been a very healthy person, and watch my food consumption.

     I am finding that there aren't  many doctors who really know how to treat this horrible disease.  The doctors and oncologists I've gotten opinions from pretty much say 'surgery' and Chemo/Radiation.  I am not comfortable with that.  Too many horror stories about Chemo and Surgery.

    I'll be seeing Dr. Freidberg soon.  I am interested to learn more about the Immun therapy.

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