30 Replies to “Miracle Drug Wakes Up Woman In A Coma After 2 Years | My Shocking Story”

  1. What kind of a coma is that? She was told to take the medication and she even showed an expression on her face that she didn’t like the taste, so she is responding in some way… Never heard of a coma like this and I made a lot research because my young niece is in a coma for 11 years now. I’m so desperate to find a way to bring her back wherever she is…

  2. This is amazing. Right now I would assume that zolpidem is like a hand grenade that is hitting something in the brain to some degree that brings people out of these states. I can only hope that doctors are working to find how this is working so we can create new drugs that pinpoint target whatever the zolpidem is doing so we can hit that spot more effectively.

  3. Title of the video: “Miracle Drug Wakes Up Woman In A ‘Coma’ After 2 Years“

    Description: “Tracy has been stuck in a coma ‘like’ state for 2 years.”

    What a stupid clickbait title.

  4. The same drug that causes racist tweeting and sleep-driving escapades can also bring a person out of a coma….

    ^^^^ Yep! That's right, Zolpidem is non other than the infamous AMBIEN

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