45 Replies to “Missouri Restaurant Calls Cops On Customers After Waitress Refuse To Serve Them.”

  1. It makes no sense how some people treat one another. All this woman had to do was get help if she felt overwhelmed or ask her supervisor to let her work in another section. But, to call the cops on people just because you don't think they will TIP you is flat-out disrespectful and borderlines on racism. I do not understand why some people make a big deal out of anything and then you feed you some 'BS' excuse, smh.🤔

  2. Racism will never stop! I'm just waiting for the day when my great nephew, he's 3 yo now, comes home from work or college to tell me about the racism he has endured! The direction this world is heading in, I think it will be worse for him not better!

  3. I think this is sooo,crazy and very foolish especially when you have know restaurant and they agreed on the contract and how much would be spent with 30 people's I would be very happy an making sure everything to it best no matter what color or what ever because that business. I think I would be taking somebody to court due to the embarrassment and shame.

  4. It was a customer that complained and felt uncomfortable due to the white and black ratio. Simply put the situation was handled due to the majority. And I mean by majority , is the community in a whole. Long story short stand up and sue know your laws and miranda. Then let your favorite token friend be official. Yes!! Other nationalities have tokens 😛😀

  5. How can you kick someone out(who wasn’t disrespecting the staff or customers) before they even bought the food? They didn’t even have a CHANCE to do anything!

  6. Along with not patronizing this establishment, SHUT OPRAH'S AZZ DOWN. The pain she's bringing to Michael Jackson's family is wrong, but this shyt she's doing can kill his mom.

  7. Class action law suit fer sure. Make them give you an all night free expense paid trip to the place of your choice to celebrate you birthday in peace.. This will include free food n drinks of course.

  8. Lawsuit against the waitress and the blue sky grill such an inspirational name to have garbage -stink-N think-N! employees this woman need to be fired she shouldn't have been on the floor dealing with any customer black white or candy apple red they should have been more proactive with putting her down in the basement stacking boxes

  9. I'm a truck driver and I've had some people not want to take the paperwork from my hand because it was obvious that I was black. So you know what I did pulled the fuck off with their product and reported them and let them figure out how they were going to get that trailer

  10. Hey Trey! This restaurant n the waitress know it was going to be 30 people way in advance so the restaurant should have had scheduled the proper wait staff in advance for this event but thats no excuse for disrespecting people like that n the restaurant waitress n managers should be very very ashamed of themselves n forget bout boycotting shut them down bet they wont disrespect anybody again.
    You cant change no ones skin color but you can change your attitude about someones skin color!

  11. I'm wondering if one of the staff remembers the news story where a dinner party of 14 walked out without paying. That's the only reason I can think of for staff doing something like this.

  12. Omg what I wouldn't give to work that table smdh. They wrong for that. Sue Sue Sue since he had a contract with them & that police department also!

  13. Placed In A Line By (#1)Police to #2 PAY For Services And Food Never Received At This Establishment!?
    Two lawsuits.
    One Against The City for the Nazi Tactics Of Police Forcing People To Pay For Services Never Rendered.
    The Other Against The Establishment For Their Race Hate Treatment And Robbery Of The Money The People Paid Being Forced Out.

  14. That’s just messed up thinking ppl aren’t going to tip by the color of someone’s skin, I worked on tips for a living in my 20’s and I’ll tell u this ppl who worked hard for their money tipped me very well and ppl who who were rich didn’t tip at all so u can’t go by the color of someone’s skin predicting oh they aren’t going to tip That’s just a horrible thing to do and I feel sorry for the customers who went through that

  15. I visit my family down south, and they do have problems with teenagers dine and dash, I think we get judge from these incidents, but we also celebrated my father's retirement, with our large family with no problems and we had great service and great service deserves a great tip and we always do.

  16. I don't like large parties they are really demanding but sometimes they talk crazy and say they not paying you would he surprised how these big parties act in the restaurant. I don't agree how they were treated but that many people in a restaurant is just way too much I've even seen 50 that's just too many in one group.

  17. Fuck that tip 20% or more I’m a server and I’m black and unfortunately it’s well known that black people don’t like to tip no one wants to deal with that shit

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