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  1. Bodie's abandonment was a result of riches being found elsewhere. People left behind their possessions with the belief that they would all strike it rich and be able to replace it all. Bodie is full of fascinating facts, from a massive fire, to cannibalism, the mysterious death of a young girl, to a ghost railroad and mill over by Mono Mountain.

  2. #5 "…some remain though, including the powerhouse, which is a concrete structure…" but the image is a full metallic structure… art direction is having a hard time I guess

  3. The animal at 10:16 isn't a water or wharf rat it is a musk rat. There's a big difference. Look at the animal's hind foot in the photo and note the the webbed feet or in this case foot. Wharf or sewer, river rats don't have webbed feet. River, wharf or sewer rats are just other names for the Norway rat which is common in cities especially in sewers and utility tunnels. The musk rat in the photo there has a somewhat rounded snout as where the Norway or sewer rat has more of a pointed snout. Some one needs to do a better job at research. I mean you want people to like your videos so it's not all just having a pretty voice to go with an interesting story. That almost looks like a beaver but it's not though relatively speaking it's closer to a beaver than a rat. Just look at its ears they look like they belong on a beaver.

  4. The bodies in the catacombs of Rome dry rotted. There's no heat and humidity so the moisture was just sucked out of the bodies. It wasn't as bad as being left out in the hot sun.
    The "dead" guy blinks @ roughly 12:00 to 12:05 mark. Its priceless considering they're trying to portray murders. Priceless!

  5. Ya know things that made America strong…..back then the fear was escaping an atomic bomb blast.. the reasons people wanted Cars and highways instead of trains.. but now a days a nuke blast happens your better off in it then slowly dying from fall out or radiation poisoning. I say we should go back to using both more….traffic having to spend lots of money on a car to live insurance… parking gas etc… every city used to have electric cars but businessmen from Detroit MI bought them out destroyed them for profit…so in the 21st century were worse off then in the 1960's??

  6. Hi, there are numerous videos of the original City Hall station available. It would have been nice if you showed one of those rather than Grand Central Station

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