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When the day comes that doing a factory reset of your Moto G is the only way to get it working again here are the button-presses required. This will also work to …


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  1. If you get the second menu without options and the ways listed in previous comments dont work try holding power for 3 seconds then hitting volume down, just worked for me after several failed attempts with the volume up button

  2. hai i have motog phone i foolowed the step shown in this vedio but even after factory rest i am facing same problem it is continuously reboot and showinhg "adroid is stating optimizing app "
    after factory reset i can see that 11 apps have been deleted even after that aslo same problem reboot is repeating. Can you please help for this

  3. Please Help! 👋
    My Moto G is not letting me download any apps, and it tells me that curtain built in apps are crashing constantly. I want to reset my Moto G, but don't want to lose my data. I plan to move all my data to a memory chip then remove the chip and restart my Moto G.
    But once done will my newly restarted Moto G recognize the data on the chip when re-inserted?

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