Mr Money Mustache – The man who retired before age 30 [ENG SUB]

Mr Money Mustache (Peter Adeney) is a man who retiree before age 30 and now writes about how we can all live a frugal yet Badass life of leisure. Him and his …


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  1. Please leave a comment below what part you can relate to the in the video. Thank you for watching and don´t forget to share if you think this video can be helpful to others.

  2. I just calculated that we can pay off our mortgage in 6 years if we just use one salary to live on. I'm so inspired by this. I just hope my wife sees this the same way I do.

  3. Having a child is the dumbest financial move a person can make. It's absolutely unnecessary, expensive, and makes the world a shittier place. The "purpose" of life is to cause as little amount of harm as possible, not to be "happy" whatever the hell that means. Yet this "financial genius" couldn't even keep a marriage together, not even for his kid's sake. So now he's a single dad divorcee. DINK or dual income, no kids is the way to go. Not one kid, no wife like like this guy.

  4. Also not living in a states like NJ/NY helps as well. I've never been a materialistic person, so i don buy jack squad and have no debt, i learned very early that material things don't fill your soul, but living in NJ doesn't help my situation this state sucks you dry they always seem to find ways to take your money. Cant wait to leave this place.

  5. lol, completely ignoring the rampant economic inequality within the US.
    If someone is earning some 10-100-1000 mio USD per year, there's only so much left for the rest of us. The economy can only produce a limited amount of wealth.

  6. instead of saving 60% of your money you can just instead work way less and pay less taxes. that way you will have more quality time overall.

  7. Good principles but he started out with a wealthy family who paid his tuition so no loans and both he and his wife had high salary jobs right after graduating. Still good principles and advice but retiring at 30 is not realistic for most.

  8. Excellent presentation on why we don’t need all the twinkets and crap to be happy, realise that freedom is the one thing that you desire the most and you will be free

  9. If i had MGTOW back in 1976, I'd been a millionaire easily, if NOT wasted on trying to "help," impress, and marrying Gold-digging, manipulative women. Buying too many toys, cars, houses, luxury crap. Too many extravagances – instead of necessities.

  10. Fine if you're Canadian. In the US, health insurance for me and my family costs over $20,000 a year unless I get it through my employer where it costs me $8,000. If we go without health insurance and something goes wrong, we could go without adequate care and also go bankrupt. (Most personal bankruptcies in the US result from medical bills.) I am dependent on the negotiating power of my employer to obtain a reasonable rate for health care. Mr. Money Mustache describes a kind of freelance life which is just too dangerous for a family in the US.

  11. These "I retired in my 30s" videos are such shit.
    1. You have another 50 years for things to go wrong.
    2. It wasnt your savings or attitude for money. It was your FUCKING income and some lucky investments. When you turned 20 you had a 10+ year bull market. You're young and dont know what real markets are like

  12. This is to me a real MGTOW. Why do I say thath? Cuz he's going his own way, not the way society (rulers) dictates. Glad he found a girl not contaminated whit all nonsense bs of nowadays.

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