Mutual Funds Explained: Buy index funds! Avoid “actively managed” mutual funds because they are very expensive and consistently fail to even …


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  1. while talking to an Ameriprise advisor about 10 years ago, the advisor got pissed off enough at my refusal to accept a wrap account that he admitted that he was irritated that my refusal to accept a wrap account wasn't profitable enough for him

  2. Thanks buddy!  We need more people with videos out there like yours.  I tell you I've been trying to get to the bottom of all this for years now and time and again this always makes the most sense to me.  I'm waiting for that moment when I'm supposed to see something I've missed…yet index funds have made sens to me from day one and continue to do so. 

  3. Seth, the "people" who are bashing my anti-annuity videos are not investors. I have consistently found them to be none other than insurance salesmen or non-fiduciary "advisers" trying to protect their jobs.

  4. I find it sad/confusing that people loved this video, but as soon as he (justifiably) bashes variable annuities, people are up in arms! Folks, 99% of you are best off with index funds.

  5. very well explained video! my channel has a few videos that explore the same concepts! it'd be great if you could check them out! keep up the great work!

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