32 Replies to “My 91yr Grandpa Meets Google”

  1. so how was the conversation that "I make my entire living with that red square with the white triangle in it". All jokes aside, I love Googles Family and shared integration. I added a family group and share every single one of my sons' videos and pictures with everyone in my faimly group so every time I add it to the folder they can see it anytime they wish.

  2. im half his age and not much better with what gadget does what !….in 60 years time it will be linus sitting in gramps placee and his great grandkids showing him all the amazing tech we cant even dream of that will be around then…same with every passing generation

  3. 8:52 My Google Home Mini heard that and said when it was going to rain. My phone was about 3 yards away from the Google Home Mini at the volume less than 50%, and my Google Home Mini still heard it! That just shows how powerful the Google Home's mic is. xD

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