My Favorite Home Made Tool

This is by far the most used tool in my work shop. It’s easy to make with just a few pieces of scrap metal and diversifies the use of any Angle Grinder …


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  1. Not only does it make an angle grinder far more useful, it makes many of the things I venture to do "freehand" (exercising my typical poor judgement) much safer with the grinder firmly in a vice. Thanks for this great addition to my shop.

  2. Hello. I really like your channel! And I do the same thing, I have the potential and I could present some tools and hand tools, but the sponsor does not want to give me tools until I get 1000 subscribers! please help me. Have a nice day and do what you do!

  3. 💥 👩‍❤️‍👨 ⭐Идея хорошая, я сделаю проще. Спасибо!
    The idea is good, I'll make it easier. Thank you! 😲 👨‍❤️‍💋‍👨

  4. I got the directions and could not find 1"square tubing with 3/16 wall. Well the instructions said 2mm or 3/16" tubing. Being only familiar with English inch measurements I looked at a metric conversion to inches and 2mm is 1/16" . The measurement in the instructions are incorrect.

  5. I was thinking something similar because I am up to using my Metabo with 10x10cm brush for brushing aluminum sheet (plates). Over all I do prefer one solution with better aesthetics but regarding this fundamental idea , this one it is close enough. Thanks

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