45 Replies to “My Thoughts on the Science Fair (I didn’t like it)”

  1. I was one of the lucky ones when this came out but this year I'm in 5th grade and now it's the first time doing the science fair and I don't know what to do and I'm doing it with my bff Jayne

  2. In my school only honors science classes do the science fair and honors wasn’t optional in middle school and I got put into one and I was like one of two kids who had never done it so they didn’t explain anything so I had no idea what to do

  3. As I'm British, I had to do the science fair with one being about yeast, water cycle annnd.. I think that was it but with the yeast at least I had 2 other partners instead of one.. One of our newest friends but we never won at all.. We even had a reward or something for the best and our parents came in and looked at our science stuff but the winners never had the smartest or interesting facts or descriptions but they just looked cooler

  4. I did something like that in 3rd grade (im 11 now) it wasn't a science fair but I had to Get a poster board. I printed out the papers, glued it to the poster board and idk. I got the question right… btw I HATED 3RD GRADE I failed a subject cuz of a thing that I couldn't take home >:( Edit: the subject was social studies

  5. You think u have it bad we started at 1st lemme explain, from 1st to 3rd we did a class project. The whole class did 1 project easy money. But oh 4th was horrible; we did a solo project sigh we do it all the way to coolege

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