Naked Sunday – 7 Lazy Girl Sex Positions

Hey Bunnies! Have you tried any of these positions? I found this topic from Women’s Health Mag. SUBSCRIBE –


14 Replies to “Naked Sunday – 7 Lazy Girl Sex Positions”

  1. I CAN'T believe you didn't say anything about what I call; ' The Sideways Bone'.
    The woman lays on her back and the man is on his side. Her legs are over his one leg and the other is over his waist. Her legs are bent and he is entering her while he is laying on his side. Believe it or not. My woman and I have fallen asleep during this position and woke up hours later. Me still hard, and she still wet, And we finished in a very different position. Normally Missionary position. I like to have my feet against the wall. I can control my, Fiqure 8' 'Move' more efficiently that way. It guarantees that she'll get off quickly.

  2. +kissyface454 I actually tried all of those positions with a ex girlfriend three years ago she was a thick girl but mostly ended up doing downward dog but I did do the David copperfield a lot when she wasn't doing 69 or just giving me oral

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