Naked Sunday – Public Sex



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  1. The ladies room for sure. One time, my first wife and I were travelling out of town No one would recognize us even if we were seen. So she spent about an hour giving me 'head', off and on, going down the highway. I told her that I couldn't take much more and to finish me as she so perfectly did always, But she continued to tease. I pulled off the highway, grabbed her wrist, walked her right past the dining patrons and their Servers, went right into the ladies room with her. Spun her around and watched the biggest smile come across her face in the mirror as I ripped those panties down, bent her over the sink and then whispered: "You are the best wife in the World. I love you, and don't move. This is a Stick Up".
    She was laughing and red faced after that heartpounding 3 minutes, as she made her way to car. But not as much as I was, carrying her purse that she dropped on the floor by sink. Trying to look cool with it while coming out of The Ladies Room. Well at least I could hide Mr. Happy, who was not even close to being finished with her. 😉

  2. Last Time I Had Sex In Public Was At The Movies But I Have Had Sex Behind A School & In A School Hallway And Other Than The Beach I Had Sex In A Public Pool While People Wasn't In The Deep In I Had Sex Outside On A Balcony And At The River Front

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