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  1. Hi guy's ! I'm planning to come to UK soon. I have already an interview the following days. Do you have any ideea how could I get the NI since I will be staying at a friend for 1-2 months at my arrival? I am worried that I won't be able to provide a proper prove of address. I mention that I am from EU.

  2. I asked for an appointment they gave it to me I just want to know if there is a risk of refusing my request? ps: I have a French nationality.thanks

  3. We Tried Too Much For Calls To NI Centre But They Didn’t Yet Attend Our Calls Still We Try On It I Need Urgently NI Number For Work

  4. I am a student in Newcastle but I will move in London around September. Do you know what will happen with the interview appointment in that case? Will they transfer it in London?

  5. Hello..my hubby came 5 months befre my visa renewal and bcz of that has not got a BRP. it seems they only give it if the stay is for more than 6 months bfre renewal . can i still apply for NI number without BRP?

  6. Hello. I was born in the uk, currently 16, looking for part time job while in college. Long story short my friends has recieve thier N I number, but i have not recived my one and turning 17 this year. what should i do?

  7. hi i am nepali but i am coming from hongkong my daughter and wife british citizen i have no any more document just processing residence card waiting for this document but home office sand me some latter can i apply from home office this latter for NI number please advice me please sir can possible process or not please sir help me how to get NI number

  8. I live in the hostel I have to apply for NI number I haven't got proff of adress as I mentioned I live in the hostel if I ask hostel management to type a letter or write a letter for me will that be accepted by job centre what kind of questions they ask you at interview

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