New Canadian $10 bill is about tokenism

Faith Goldy of reports on the decision to replace a Canadian PM on the $10 bill with an unknown woman. MORE: …


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  1. This is a reprehensible show that the Cosmic Justice Warriors (cultural marxists) are FIRMLY in control of our government. Sir John A. was not a perfect man — but he was a leader of this nation and brought about much good for many Canadians. It remains childishly easy to pick apart someone's private life (that had little if anything to do with their professional service of the nation), 100 years after the fact by comparing them to modern standards.

    The cultural marxists are turning Viola Desmond into a joke. Her "claim to fame" was that she "protested": broke a law she didn't agree with. A law that was going to change anyway. But "she protested". And this is the thing the cultural marxists want to instantiate as a "new Canadian value". (And the postmodernists get in on this action too, not liking anything to do with established standard or order.)

    If they wanted a black woman on our currency, why not pick Mary Shadd Cary? She fled slavery in the US in the 1800's and as a single black woman started a newspaper in the Maritimes. She worked tirelessly within the system (without breaking the law), and improved Canada for ALL Canadians .
    Not just for an identity group that likes chimping out in a theatre because they don't like the current status quo.

    Shame, shame, shame on Justin Trudeau for allowing such reprehensible Justice Warrior shenanigans hi-jack our currency and try to re-design Canadian values as "breaking the law is OK if you have an agenda".

    This only ends in the dissolution of social values that have evolved a great Nation — with no direction or wisdom other than an agenda that has always succeeded in destroying nations.

  2. After reading some of these comments it makes me wonder how racist people actually view themselves. My thoughts… they have an inferiority/superiority complex. Really, just how do you view yourselves? And, oh… what references do you use to rate your position in life?

  3. White people are so deathly afraid of losing their supremacist position. It'll please me to see them all become minorities and 2nd class citizens. Your racist ideology will be your demise. What a lofty idea 😊

  4. I personally dislike the new $10 bill for multiple reasons. The two main issues I have with the bill are that the woman on the bill is an unknown and the bill is printed sideways which suggests a lower value. Bank notes should have predominant historical figures on them only whether they be male or female. The role of women unknowns on our currency should be diminished as time goes on. As was explained in the video, none of these women set a historic legal precedent and most were not significant achievers in Canadian history.

  5. So this is what the liberals feel needs to be recognized in Canadian history. Not the thousands and thousands of men who died so we even have a country. Damn liberals.

  6. This is why Canada is going down the toilet bowl. When they take off important accomplish white end and replace them with no name black women simply for the sake of political correctness, you know that is truly the end of the nation. This is a disgrace, and you can thank Justin True-Dope of this nonsense.

  7. I can't believe that you exist… but you do (sigh). I have never heard about you in the past. I HAVE heard about Viola Desmond and I'm really glad that others will too. Your arguments are SO superficial and a bit sad. Incidentally, I was rooting for Pauline Johnson… I guess she doesn't signify anything to you either and that's really important, right…. YOUR perspective, not those of minority groups that are getting more attention, day by day. BTW, do you have an oxygen tank off camera, in case you faint from talking so fast and , um, stridently?

  8. Faith, of course this Viola Desmond thing is wrong on so many levels. But the biggest problem is that Sir John A. MacDonald was booted because of a lie. Progressivists have successfully removed Canadian history and replaced it with something of their own making. The woman was a petty criminal who played the race card. End of story. I so hope that some day we will elect a government that will undo the lie and restore the truth — and a fine truth it was.

  9. I'm going to find a 10$ bill with our prime minister on it and keep it. Might become an antique or something later. That being said, this woman (whom I have never heard of before until very, very, very recently) did nothing for Canada. She did not form Canada or anything related to it and, I'm sorry, she has no place on our currency. If anything, she could have been placed on one of those collector coins that celebrate achievements or something like that.

  10. Think Trudope ought to undergo FGM to show solidarity with his Muslim sisters. how about putting Christian woman, Asia Babbi, on it. After all, she beat a "Blasphemy Rap" & the Gallows in a Muslim Country. Her lawyer has had to flee Pakistan for Europe. She's banned from leaving. I fear, she is being set up to be lynched.

  11. You probably don't know Goldy, but everything Canadian politicians do is in large part, to suck up to the grand old USA. Look what Diefenbaker did to the Avro Arrow. He had it scrapped and sent the plans to USA because it was better by far than anything the Americans had ever dreamed of. In essence, Canada and the Arrow became a threat to America, so it had to go.

  12. Wow, I hope a Conservative government can get in here and change this shit back to reality. Since when do tiny minorities deserve to be taking such an honourable place on our banknotes over towering figures of history? Fuck I hate Canada some times…..

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