New England Patriots in Super Bowl LII (52) per Google, January 18, 2018 (Before AFC Championship)

Hey Google! The AFC Championship hasn’t even been played! The Super Bowl isn’t until February 4, 2018! “What’s going on?” It turns out the Vikings have this …


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  1. Zachary K. Hubbard Here's what you should know about SB 53:
    Super Bowl 53 is in Atlanta and it's more likely N.E. is not going next year and here's why. If you noticed the last two times N.E. lost to the NFC East (Giants twice), Pittsburgh and Baltimore beat a NFC West team at a NFC South's team stadium (Steelers beat Cardinals 27-23 at Tampa Bay and Ravens beat 49ers 35-31 at New Orleans). Those times N.E. never made the playoffs and lost the AFC Championship. Now for the third time the Patriots lost to the NFC East in the S.B., it's more likely: a). They lose to Pittsburgh in the AFC Championship or b). They'll have a winning season, but not make the playoffs next year.

  2. if you this notice the camera is on number 21 butler, butlers a started but for some reason out without injurry butlers going to come in and win the game some how

  3. They did that to trick people into thinking it would be a Vikings/Patriots super bowl. WAKE UP EVERYONE. DON'T be deceived by the MATRIX and it's FAKE TRICKS. (There is a reason why those two rhyme) Next time you see them pull that trick you'll know how the bet is for. After Patriots won, we knew Eagles were a stone cold 100% lock. I bet the last of my money on them because I'm awake I've seen them do this trick before, it's always to get people to bet the wrong side and luckily for us, it's super easily exploitable! Patriots will win the SB this year. They are trying to trick as many people into picking Eagles as they can! Eagles BLOWOUT Vikings, while Patriots barely squeak past Jags. This was scripted to shift the public perception over to philly (As lots love to bet Patriots) So this is one indicater that Eagles will not win the SB this year. Another is that Brady and Bill are going for their 6th. 6 is the favorite number of the devil or some shit. So BB and Brady BBB and then 666, I do not know. Or claim to. That way I cannot be fooled. I see through illusions and don't eat their food. Don't even watch TV unless it interests you like a thriller Hollywood movie about 19 year old Japanese chicks who pee in each others shot glasses at the bar. Plot is thick like feces in a constipated fat lady. It's all gravy. Patriots win the super bowl.  Wake up the sleeping Giant. Wake up the masses. Earthqauakes are cool. Because QUAKE rhymes with AWAKE so when you feel the quake, it makes you awake. You come to your sense. Finally feel alive. But what if we die, well it doesn't matter since death is overcome by a lie. you're eternal inside.

  4. It happened on the 16th and it had the Minnesota Vikings as the opponent playing the Patriots in the Superbowl. This guy is a fraud just like RFG. Quit following him. Sports are "rigged" but he makes no real predictions. He only does number sequences after the game is over. Outside of the Cavs coming back against the Warriors he has nothing. Wake up people he's rude and loves the Jew-WISH people. Won't even admit the real Hebrews are the black in America nor will he repsond to that, or the fact his people didn't have a homeland before the 1940's.

  5. Two thoughts. The lady from four non blondes wrote a few songs with P!nk "let's get it started" being there most famous. Second just saw an interview with Brett favre where he is asked about his favorite teams for this weekend. Vikings or eagles. He mentioned doug Peterson which doesn't mean much to me but may to any one who reads this. Heres the link

  6. Google have since removed the Super Bowl appearances for three of the four teams (Jacksonville, as you know, never appeared up to this point). Also, I did not know that the NFL promoted a contest on Facebook stating that the Patriots and Vikings will battle in Super Bowl LII (since also taken down). Will the NFL change the script, or will they stick with it and show the fans that it is staged legally, thanks to the NFL having an antitrust exemption since the days of JFK? Stay tuned.

  7. About one of those Super Bowls. Super Bowl 42 agaisnt The Giants. I recently noticed Heath Ledger died back in January 2008 in NYC. I wonder if that played a role in why they had the Giants win.

  8. I feel that this year's super bowl will have the patriots vs eagles. It represents America's war from within. The patriots fighting for the country against the national symbol the bald eagle. It symbolizes a country being torn apart within through civil war. With the political climate in this country it is ripe for it. Just a random thought.

  9. Zach I love that song. I miss hearing it. My nephew on drugs decided to steal my iPod and it took me a long time to get music I liked on there. And he probably didn't even get 5 bucks for it. I haven't heard that song since. Thanks!!!!!! I needed that. I only have some CD's left I have kept in my CD loader. Because the iPod never came through my entire speakers. I am going to buy that CD. I only have my travel DVD player to play the music and bought a small sub woofer and speakers, but they don't work on my tablet. The only device I have to internet with. I am disabled and my phone is just a very cheap cell phone I never use. I know how you feel. I have gotten a shit load of heat from my family. But I want you to know, your the best at explaining Gematria better than anyone out there. Even though I don't like football or any sports. I can relate to you and you will be missed. I pray your book does well and you come back. Not many people who I can even tolorate with totally understanding of what your teaching. Peace my brother. Take care if I don't see you again. Thank you for what you taught me.

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