Nigel Benn vs Gerald McClellan | WBC World Super-Middleweight Title UK vs USA Epic Fight Brutal

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20 Replies to “Nigel Benn vs Gerald McClellan | WBC World Super-Middleweight Title UK vs USA Epic Fight Brutal”

  1. That ref was terribly biases.  Gave Benn too much time when he was hurt.  Unbelievable amount of RABBIT punches.  That is obviously what cause a great warrior his injury and LIFE!

  2. Rabbit punches are prohibited in boxing they are the sucker punches you can't protect yourself behind the head.Is ashamed nobody including the referee did anything/said anything about it.Shame on Nigel for being a dirty fighter un profecional he knew of those rabbit punches and the harm he was giving to Gerald he had to know.

  3. If gerald actually did what i'm reading…..fuck that guy. I hope he suffers. If not, my condolences to him and his family. If you excuse his behavior, go fuck yourself.

  4. 56:13 Ha ha. Commentator – 'head as clear as a bell…nothing wrong with him'. Then..'I think it's dehydration, I don't think it is the punches he has taken'. Idiot

  5. According to an article in The Observer, McClellan participated in dog fighting.[10][11] McClellan's trainer and family admitted that McClellan was involved with fighting pitbulls, and on one occasion had used tape to bind the jaws of a Labrador shut before allowing his pet pitbull "Deuce" to kill it.[12][13

  6. Poor Gerald no help from boxing to this day just shows the wankers like King and all the other money grabbers who leave boxers to rot alone with no way to earn money and no way to live.They never gave him fuck all.The guy is almost blind and his brain was starved of oxygen.Shameful

  7. I remember his fight and the calzaghe lacy fight to and to be honest yes the ref wasn't the best but it proved the underdogs come through and when Tyson fury fights wilder history will repeat itself again

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