39 Replies to “Noma :: The best restaurant in the world”

  1. Its Not really My idea of kitchen , But i Think these guys deserve a very Well Done for experimenting new dishes . I could discuss quite a Long time about The method The Michelin guide give there stars. ……

  2. The small portion sizes are because you get so many courses. It’s really quite simple. Yeah it’s expensive but it’s a culinary journey. I imagine it’s probably like discovering food for the first time.

  3. these people use seaweed check their other videos it contains Monosodium glutamate which is harm full for our(although it makes food tastier but really unhealthy )it also makes eat more even if our stomach is full but we don't realise it .this stuff is not really special (not worth it) crazy people come there who just sit at home and don't travel other countries to experience different flavours.$800 dollars for live shrimp on ice come to India I get 500gm of live shrimp for $3. those who think these shrimps are caught from the ocean and got into the kitchen ,they are not ,they don't survive much longer than u guys think (just couple of minutes) they can actually be grown in Ur backyard which don't taste as good as from the ocean .

  4. People pay a lot to get an extraordinary experience. Instead of changing the experiencer, you change food to some kind of artistic. This materialistic game will never end until the experience returns into the experiencer. It is you. It is not the dish. Later a simple carrot will be heaven. Everything simple will be heaven.

  5. so you pay all this money to cook your own egg and then the waiter says:

    "You don't eat until I tell you to eat"

    Get the fuck out of here with that pretentious bullshit.

  6. this restaurant is trying to hard, also its more of a tasting than a proper meal. you're just having a few bites instead of eating a meal. not the kind of experience i'd be down for

  7. I love the fact that the chef was such a sweetheart and described each dish. If I were in that restaurant, I would have just gobbled up the plate before he'd finish each sentence. The chef would be like: O_O

  8. To all the imbeciles commenting about bite size => there are fuckin 15 dishes, you are more than full at the end.
    It's not for everybody, don't worry it's not like tomorrow your mother will be forced to cook small professional dishes at home to starve you.
    It's incredibly expensive, yes, and no, again it's not your everyday fish and chips. Depends where you come from. I agree mostly on the price considering a creative team have put immense time and money developing ideas, + it's in a wealthy western capital. Even middle class people can afford it once or twice a month.
    As with cars, if you have the means to drive a lamborghini, you don't drive a skoda.
    In conclusion, all the beer belly, hairy back construction workers commenting about amount, this is not designed to be eaten everyday on the construction site, it's a culinary celebration. Nothing wrong with the classical dinner that we are used to, it is the standard, this is just a masterclass in taste, that can't even be made at home casually.

  9. I do not eat 90% of this stuff but I can see the brilliance in these dishes. I would never pay for this, I'm content with McDonald's but given the chance, I'd love to see the effort and creativity put into their food. Pretentious as shit but sheer genius.

  10. What is with all the rubes and boring people adverse to trying new things taking over YouTube? There's nothing worse than someone who criticizes that which they don't understand.

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