15 Replies to “One file in two Folders without copying. In Google Drive, it's possible!”

  1. Thank you for your awesome Lesson! I was wondering about if you modify one file on the first destination, those changes would be also reflected on the other destination. I want to use the second destination as a backup for the document in case it gets corrupted/modified without my permission. Would it work? Thank you again!

  2. Can I do this with a file on a team drive and have it also in my drive? I have some scheduled addons that won’t run on files in the team drive so I thought this might be a solution.

  3. we use this for our knowledge base so we have useful training documents in one same place, and at the same time have them in the folders of the specific topic they are about. GREAT TRICK shift + z

  4. If a file is placed in a personal file and a shared file, and someone (not you) deletes it from the shared file, does it delete it on your personal file as well?

  5. Hello, So would this be used to move files into folders? What I am looking for is a way to merge updates in Sheets into a master. If any new info is added to one sheet it updates the master sheet. Would this do that?

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