Overpaying Government Contractors: Getting the Conversation Started

https://secure3.convio.net/pogo/site/Advocacy?cmd=display&page=UserAction&id=197&3 We went out on the National Mall to talk to some people about how …


6 Replies to “Overpaying Government Contractors: Getting the Conversation Started”

  1. Good job not sharing POGO owner is GEORGE SORO'S—Christine Ford's attorney works for them as well as Hillary's fundraiser………this is a SORO'S OPERATION and GOVERNMENT and our CONgress are nothing more than foreign corporations.

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  3. contractors are required to cover their own costs for taxes and health benefits. In fact, the government saves money by avoiding the overhead human resource maintenance. Additionally, if the contractor sucks, they can be replaced IMMEDIATELY. When have you heard of Fed workers being let go??

  4. How would it NOT cost more when a contractor still has to pay salaries, build in profit, provide returns for share holders and provide compensation packages for CEOs and top executives. We just need to be sure that the government does not pay more than they should for services provided…like $500.00 for a hammer or some such other nonsense. With proper administration government should be able to hire its own employees for a much lower cost than to contract out the work to private contractors.

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