Parents for Transgender Equality Council Launch

HRC’s new Parents for Transgender Equality Council is a coalition of the nation’s leading parent-advocates working for equality and fairness for transgender …


3 Replies to “Parents for Transgender Equality Council Launch”

  1. This is great!!!  One thing I wonder though is, it seems like all the transgender children I hear of are always EXTREMLY cultural to their gender.  For e.g. Trans girls are usually always extremely feminine and girly while trans boys are always very masculine… I'm wondering, are there any transgender girls who are tomboyish? Or transgender boys who are girly?  I am a trans woman and when I was little around 7 I was very BOYISH, loved to clime trees, catch bugs, play in the dirt, things like that that are generally considered socially boyish and masculine,  BUT I still identified as a GIRL.  It makes me mad when I tell ppl that and they are like, "Well you were just a normal little boy!"  And I'm like no pretty sure I wasn't, I liked to do boyish things but I still identified as a girl.

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