PCP Spreadsheet

This video demonstrates my new PCP car finance calculation sheet. I am happy to email out a copy of this spreadsheet for a small donation. Please email me at …


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  1. Really useful videos, thank you! Question – what would you consider a 'good' %APR interest rate to pay on a) a new car and b) a used but nearly new car with say 10,000 miles on it? Car im looking at is a volvo v90..

  2. Hi JD, I’m fascinated with your insightful content on car finance, particularly PCP. I’ve been building my own spreadsheet to try and work out the best point to get out and came across your channel 😁.
    What frustrates me with PCP is the dealers know exactly what you owe if you decide to trade-in early (with the same manufacturer). In my experience, dealers then pitch a p/x offer to just cover the settlement thinking this is all you want/need. It’s an unfair situation and works completely in the dealers favour.
    What isn’t made clear when taking PCP finance is that you pay interest on the total loan amount, and not the difference between the loan amount and GFV.
    I’m currently at month 25 on a 36 PCP with Audi Finance and can’t VT until month 30! My mileage limit is 10k per year, but I’ve only done 12,800 in two years so I was expecting to be in a good position and have ‘equity’ in the vehicle by now. This is not the case because of the point raised above about the dealer having access to information about your financial position 😬 I’m hoping someone is going to open the floodgates and bring a test case against a finance company for mis-selling PCP agreements 🤞

  3. This is a fantastic tool!!! Well done! I will e mail you ti get a copy! Where can I get predicted figures of what a car is worth in the future? That way I can see predicted cap figures compared to what I owe on the pcp?
    Thanks in advance! Keep up the good work !

  4. I am looking to get a pcp on a car on a 48 months term plan and I am looking to trade it in after 2 years and get another car , how do I calculate how much I will be paying in interest rate or apr, and I wanted to know what is representative apr & fixed interested rate & the difference between them

  5. If I want to voluntarily terminate my pcp but I’ve done over the agreed mileage, do I need to pay the additional costs for this mileage??

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