37 Replies to “Pelosi To Block Med4All Aide Tells Insurance Companies”

  1. Typical bait and switch B / S by the Democratic Party Machine.
    The Democratic Platform, as it seems to be shaping up, is indicating it is going to stiff the People once more if they have the opportunity.
    This next election may be the very last chance for the People to prevail over the elite owned government machinery.
    The Democrats, by these legislative initiatives, have picked up a bull horn and announced their allegiance to the donor class.
    Progressives appear to be the light house in the storm.

  2. The fact is we're all screwed by the Democratic and Republican parties that we can't get candidates that reflect the interests of America only the interests of the corporations and they will not Release Control that they have over our society we need to kick them all out and start over.

  3. Pelosi = soulless husk

    She has more money than she can spend in the few years she has left. So why continue killing people to satisfy donor profits.

  4. Nancy Pelosi has sell her soul for money. She is lunatic psychopath she loves money she will do anything to get it. The Democrats are the ones that are stopping medicare for all. Stupid people it the Democrats that working against medicare for all. The Democrats are totally dumb and vote these politicains to office unbelievable.

  5. When the UK introduced the National Health Service the biggest opposition came from the Medial Profession. It's great  I had two children born prematurely and both were in the Special Care Baby Unit for 12 weeks. I myself have chronic kidney failure and can't fault the medical care that I still receive. I don't know how I would cope if  there were not the NHS. I regularly visit the Renal Consultant and all my medical devices ( I have a stoma) and prescriptions free of charge. If we can do it so could the US if the will were there. Unfortunately every man has his price.

  6. Jimmy you should be proud that your particular type of genius has reached the point where you can literally influence elections. People are listening. Let’s do this.

  7. Just in case anyone is wondering how absolutely terrible our healthcare system is… I had to stop taking my tki inhibitor (a targeted chemo medication) due to having a five thousand dollar a month copay AFTER insurance.

  8. The entire health care and health insurance SCAM INDUSTRIES in America are Rockefeller Organized Crime Rackets. …. THEY ALONE stand in the way of the Socailized Health Care that ALL OTHER DEVELOPED NATIONS ENJOY. . … By the time he had made his first billion John D. Rockefeller had set his sights FIRMLY on screwing Americans out of ALL THEIR MONEY whenever they DARED to get sick….AMERICA IS TOTALLY AND ABSOLUTELY FUCKED!

  9. Long Liv France; & The Yellow Vests . Were Ppl Know how 2 get in The Streets 4 Watt They Believe; is an Injustice be'in Done 2 Them by The System Elites. Period !

  10. Russia's Constitution includes Heathcare for all.

    Venezuela's does too.
    Cuba's does too.
    Europe's does too.

    How many others do?

    America's does not.

  11. What's wrong with trying national competition before going to wait in line for years gov healthcare? Why not let the free market work like with car insurance? I know why, it would work and your distopian 1984 dream of socialized medicine would vanish

  12. I've always thought that insurance companies were like mob loan sharks, they say that you need their protection, but from whom?

  13. the only winning option for us is, Bankruptcy of For Profit Insurance Companies!!! Done! Working for FOR PROFIT INSURANCE COMPANIES..is like working for Monsanto or the NFL, only WORSE!

  14. Don't expect Richie Neal's House Ways and Means Committee to do anything for non-corporations. In a quarter century he's never once returned as much to his district as they sent to Washington. His approach is selling out the interests of his constituency to gain personal congressional power. Insurers are among his top funders.

  15. Even clicking the bell doesnt guarantee your videos will be seen. I have several content creators that I follow and their videos almost never show up in my feed. It seems you have to actually click on like 2 or 3 of their videos in a row just to get them to start showing back up.

  16. I wish you would cover Pelosi's SOTU clap. The plaudits she's received for this give me the shits. This is all we get? This is this is the face of the Democratic resistance? A bit of a sarcastic clap??? Give me a break!

  17. Conservative here, love Jimmy Dore. He’s definitely a watch-dawg. Thank you Jimmy for being a voice of reason and truth for both conservatives like myself and liberals.

  18. Jimmy, come on man, come correct or don’t come at all. Of course, we have unlimited amount of money. Yeah, we can just print the money. HOWEVER, the printing of money out of thin air causes inflation. It’s a tax on the poorest people of our country. I like to use Kool-Aid as my example. Printing money which adds to the money supply is like adding more water than is called for in a recipe on how to make good Kool-Aid. It’s more water without the necessary sugar and Kool-Aid packets. This diluted the flavor of the Kool-Aid. This anology best explains how the increase of money supply in a fiat monetary system is akin to diluting the value of the dollar. There’s nothing backing our dollars up except a promise to pay. They are Federal Reserve “Notes”, i.e. an IOU debt that treasury has to repay the Federal Reserve for. The money supply increase cause inflation where the number of dollars required to buy a certain number of eggs (for instance) now cost more because the money’s value has been diluted. This is basic economics. Let’s say OPEC demands x amount of $$ per barrel of oil. Now they demand x+1/2x of those $$. It’s inflation folks. Not a good idea to do. The dollar has declined in value over the years. Wages have not increased at or near the rate of inflation. So this is causes the declining power of the middle class and burdens the poor. https://youtu.be/MCYZ14Ti4vc

  19. 2:00 the federal government gets money from taxing us, and stealing. International bankers print u.s. Money and give it to the government with interest. The federal Reserve is the name of this institution. The federal Reserve is not in any way the federal government. The twelve appointed governors of the bank are not real governors. It's a bank. It's not the government adding a zero.

    Get it right.

    Maaaaybe, if Jfk would not have been assassinated, would we be printing our own money. But we stopped immediately after Jfk was shot.

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