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  1. First time making these. Came out amazingggg..Soft, fluffy, moist! I used red color gel, worked fine. I did not use her creamcheese frosting recipe used my own.

  2. Can I ask you all in the UK a simple and possibly obvious question? What exactly is full fat cream cheese? I mean, what brand? Is Philadelphia classed as that?

  3. Jemma this cupcakes tastes really really good… Thank you so much. After some time I had a very tasty n flavourful of cupcakes… Do u have recipe for red velvet cake too?

  4. Tried your recipe and it turned out amazing. By far the simplest way to get the perfect red velvet. Like many others I thought sugar for the icing for too much and used 220 grams and it was just right… thought the consistency was not right, I need some work on my icing 🙂 Thank you for a recipe that works !!

  5. @CupcakeJemma

    Love the recipe.. Could u please tell me the measurement for substituting the butter with oil.. Whenever I'm using butter in my cupcakes, the y turn out great and last fresh till the 2 hours max.. Then they just dry out :/

  6. When I tryed this yesterday, sometging went wrong… The cupcakes were bubbly and didn't lift 🙁 and after 25 mins, it was like The batter has disappeard from The pan.

  7. I've made these cupcakes twice now and they're amazing. I don't use Jemma's frosting though. I make a vanilla frosting with 125g butter, 60g trex (it just makes it a little lighter/ fluffier), 1tsp vanilla and 350g icing sugar.

  8. I baked red velvet cupcakes for the first time after watching dozens of YouTube videos! I put in a bit too much batter in each dip, but they evened out really well and it tasted so good (without the frosting). I had to substitute a few ingredients like buttermilk and decreased the sugar in the frosting by 25%, they were the best cupcakes I’ve ever had. Thank you so much for this recipe ahhhh I can’t wait to bake some more of these

  9. Made them and they came out awesome, but i rather like the texture cupcakes when oil is used. Would switching it out affect the end result in a negative way? Obviously when measured correctly ei,not a 1for1.

  10. Okay, so I am dying to try this recipe, dilemma is I don't have self raising flour I can add baking powder to make all purpose into self raising, the issue is, how much? can someone help

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