28 Replies to “Pixel 3 XL Review: Google’s 3-peat”

  1. Nice review, the Pixel 3 XL will definitely be my future phone at some point having had a Pixel 2 XL which I sadly lost last year, but during my short time with it, I really enjoyed it and mine didn't have the blue tint that plagued the 2 XL either and that notch can be covered up with software. My only concern is the slightly smaller battery.

  2. I like the notch. I’ve had IPhones since they came out, but they are getting ridiculously expensive now. I’m debating whether or not to go for the Pixel 3 XL instead on IPhone.

  3. I had samsung s3, s5, s6, iphone 8, sony xperia xz1, and this pixel 3xl, had the slowest camera EVER. I was thinking whetherbto biy iphone xs or pixel 3xl, and i regret buying pixel 3xl. to be honest, iphone 8 bis better than pixel 3xl, never had 1bit of issue. And the syncing with google drive is also very slow. VERY DISAPPOINTED due to very slow camera. for this price? Really google? Plus very poor battery life.

  4. you guys .. i mean youtubers… driving ppl to go crazy ur shit comercials… after each of this crap model come on the market… u say… this is .. problaby the best device on the market.. no dude .. i don t want ur opinion… u said that about every high end smartphone … so… in most of case youtubers are paid for this kind of comercials .. i m thinking serios to delete this crap of platform.. abd buying what i like without the opinions of others who are paid or interest to marketing a crap like google pixel … soon will be morr like me.. we are tired of you guys..

  5. I currently have an iPhone 7+ and have been wanting to go back to Android for a few months now. This coming month I’ll be getting a new phone and I can say with certainty it will be the Pixel 3 XL.

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