Plus500 Trading Platform Exposed: Review and Tutorial (2017)

A Plus500 review. What they don’t tell you! Ok. What do we have here? Plus500. A very simple trading platform that makes trading look like a game and basically …


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  1. Hey I just finished losing about @230ish K on the Plus5 practise platform. Hooked into Oil saw a rising market and brought with a pyramid buying stategy over a few days. Like I said I had a large position in Oil (CL) $230K avaliable… $30k in Margins…. good profit $120K. Oil bunked when NY opened on the Friday and zapped Oil went thru my STOPS and now I got $4k….. yeaaaaa

  2. Most of these people, jump into the quick rich scam, this is a scam that works for you, you just need to know how the formula works.. Learn first instead of betting on pure luck.. I use this plus500 with no complaints from me.. Because I did my homework on this.. Don't trust your instincts trust the knowledge of how to understand your errors and not repeat the same behavior. Don't go large waiting for big profits, go small. Win small over time you'll get your money but in due time..

  3. Im still with Plus500 in demo, still trying to improve at retail trading with not much success at the moment. Though one positive is that they will allow you to use demo for aslong as you like. You soon find out how expensive their overnight fees are, hence when one uses real money move on

  4. Please can you suggest any trading platforms for shorting shares and stocks?
    I have used Oanda (FXTrade) for Forex, which I found was quite good, but they don't deal in shares or stocks 🙁

  5. lets say that i want to make an account just to test for myself with the digital money option how the market works will i be able to remove the account if i dont use it anymore to not pay the 10 $ monthly

  6. Bad traders will say its a scam because they're but hurt about losing money. I have confidently traded on Plus500 for nearly a year and is by the far my favourite platform out of the big competitors for CFD trading

  7. Platform down for 6 hours yesterday. I was profitable trading on the platform but these maintenance outages are bullshit. Ended up msrgin called and could not exit the trade. Goodbye plus500.

  8. You are right about them that review in Trustpilot are fake. I posted the fact about them and posted the email from plus500 on my review they removed my review. They upgrade my position just like that and i was once tricked into click at the large amount. Anyone used paypal, credit cards and traded with them should claim money back from paypal or card issuers
    because they are not as decribed.

  9. CFD is the Formula 1 of Trading…..understand ????……top trader territory.Spread Betting is better because it is tax-free….IG Index does it……NEW online trader ? CFDs ? You crazy , Bro ?
    O and by the way, the same goes for the aforesaid Spread=betting……NEW online trader ?? Spread Betting ? You enjoying those pills, bro ?IF YOU JUST HAVE TO TRADE(Mammon has a powerful Siren call)…….never more than 2x leverage on a trade……Not for the first 6 months…..Jedi signing off…. of course, dematerializes and a whiff of sacred Orchid is all that remains.

  10. plus 500 is a total scam i have as every one else lost everything, they are extremely unhelpful, the quoted stock prices do not even match the real prices of stocks as reported on news, tv, radio or other website trading platforms, how this is legal is beyond me, there is definate set trading patterns, you can have a stock going up all day and the minute you buy in the stock will plumet to the close at a loss price. something has to be done to stop these thieves. they have recently made them selves unavailable to the customer removing the online chat, if you have any problems they are unreachable.

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