23 Replies to “Police Impound Auction – Arrow Wrecker – OKC Walkaround / Bidding”

  1. You will need the VIN# from the vehicle it came out of and s receipt where you bought the used radio and a any GMdealer can pull up the unlock code for free if you know someone in the parts it service department

  2. Ok, so I am still watching you, but you are talking about the head lights, they are plastic. You can use aluminum bright to clean them, it is like your teeth. Just clean them

  3. As I don’t know witch car you got, but as far as the car with the radio, goes. Have you through about clutchfeild for the wiring harness for all cars. They have a very good choice for all cars and getting the radios out. Have a nice day

  4. So glad you did this video. I follow arrow on Facebook and watch their auctions but haven't been able to make it out. Definitely gonna be at the next one.

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