19 Replies to “Puff Pastry in a Hurry”

  1. @ +Gail Sokol: I have my puff pastry made and it's in the fridge since last night. I want to use it tomorrow afternoon or evening. I have a question I'm hoping you can and will answer for me. Can the pastry be taken out of the fridge an hour or so before using so it's easier for me to roll out or do I have to try to roll it out to a decent length & width (for cutting) while it's still so cold?? I have very little upper body/arm strength and I couldn't get the last folds (7 times) rolled out thin enough to use after I took it from the fridge the last time. I doubt my husband would want the "job" of rolling it out and besides,I shudder to think what the rolled out result would look like! Haha
    By the way,your video was SO helpful…thank you! I found that using my food processor to get the ice cold butter pieces incorporated ( 4 pulses & ice water 4 pulses) was so much easier than using a pastry cutter! 🙂

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