37 Replies to “Quick Pickles – Everyday Food with Sarah Carey”

  1. 1. Use thin skin pickles like Kirby, English, or Persian.
    2. Simplest recipe:
    a. slice pickles into jar
    b. Add 50:50 water and white vinegar (no need to heat.)
    c. Put into fridge for 5 days, turning jar twice a day.
    I add minced garlic since I can buy big, cheap bottles of it.
    As you can see, I am very lazy. But, I love pickles and these are very cheap and have no sodium, the bane of pickles..
    (You can reuse water/vinegar mixture a couple of times.)

  2. This thing is a beast.>>>ur2.pl/1062 Very heavy, solidly built. We were kind of afraid of these things, but this one inspires confidence. The pressure gauge was spot on and I love the pre-set metal weight. The lid attaches very securely and the pot seems to heat up very quickly (we have a pretty strong burner, but…) When filled with water, it is VERY heavy, so keep that in mind. We've used it three or four time already and it's been a lot of fun!

  3. Yeah, I like me some CUKES too. Gonna make me some pickled cukes. Jeez, people, get a life. Thanks, Sarah, for the demo. They look delicious, and easy too. Just starting to get into fermenting and pickling, and your refrigerator pickle is the one I’m gonna try. Except I might add some mustard seed. Looking forward to watching more of your videos!

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