Returns desk problems: How you can get your money back (CBC Marketplace)

Originally broadcast January 24, 2014 Marketplace puts retailers’ return policies to the test. Out of luck, because you’ve lost your receipt? Don’t have the original …


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  1. i wish i had this much luck, i returned a textbook, fully sealed, within the return date on the receipt, they refused to take it. went through 3 managers, no one would accept the return. I emailed the owner of the company, they responded once, then stopped. I left them poor reviews everywhere and resold the product.

    What can you even do when a store just flat out refuses to honor what they print on their receipt?

  2. wow,, on one hand I sort of feel bad for some of the stores because of the high theft and the effect it has on the industry as a whole,, but on the other hand, If I paid lots of dollers for something that didn't work from day one or was already damaged, then yes I would want my money back, because all though the effects of theft are great, why should I take responsibility for the thief that isn't me?? AND!!!What about those stores that take the damaged item back with the packaging and just turn around and resell that item knowing its broken but someone else may walk away and except they wont get their money back? This is a tough moral call for me I guess it would have to depend on what the item is, how much it cost, and the reason for the return before I take something back.

  3. How to be an entitled first worlder: Canadian edition!
    Loved your videos until now, with this you literally threw out your goodwill and integrity. For shame.

  4. Ive managed a retail store long enough to know all the tricks in the book. If you keep badgering me after I've told you no, i'll just call security and have you removed from my store.

  5. Keep your receipts, return within thirty days. Been doing it for years, super simple. Don’t expect full refund if it’s on sale, some money is better than sitting in your house not being used.

  6. So what if 2 store sell the same item and one store has it for less so then you buy it from one store and bring it to the one where the cost is higher without the receipt obviously to try and scam the store and get money for the returned product you purchased for less from another store.

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