1. Hi Jason a got a question. I have a folder that is shared with many people and every day I would like to empty the folder as new sheets are going to be uploaded daily how can I write a script that will remove yesterdays files every night without having to do it manually.

  2. Hi Jason a got a question. I have an app in my android that record my calls and save them in root folder in google drive. I created a folder named "call recordings". Is there any way to adapt your script so when a file from the app "CAALBOX" comes in it get moved atomatically to this folder I created? Like in gmail when a determined email comes in it get moved automatically to a certain folder? Thank you so much. Good job.

  3. I have a folder (Main Folder) that has subfolders w/ files and just files. I want to move the subfolders w/ files and the just files to another folder. What should I put in the script to move both folders w/files and files without folders?

    Also can you set up filters to look for key words in the file name or folder name so they can be moved to certain folders?

  4. Jason, we are using RightSignature for our Principals and teachers to e-sign their TPA (teacher performance appraisals). RightSignature creates a pdf of the merged TPA doc. Once the Principal and the teacher has signed the merged doc, RightSignature puts the signed pdf into the same folder.

    How can I modify your script so that it takes only the pdfs from a specific folder into a completed TPA folder. Is there a way that you script can be modified so that it moves only pdfs?

    Hoping… and thank you for your many very fine ideas and tutorials!

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