50 Replies to “Secret behind banglore Iyengar Bakery bread | step by step super soft bread from Indian bakery”

  1. Who told about unhygienic they go for any banded company bread,and also avoid Street food.I am happy with this rs10 morning breakfast or sometime lunch. Beacuse some indians like me not expend more.

  2. I was in Britannia Rusk plant for 3 months maintaining their machines. It is distressing to see that cleanliness is never thought of in bakeries who cater to the customers who set up their plants near homes. I have just seen Iyengar's bakery. No doubt they are famous for their bakery products. I was shocked to see their manufacturing facilities which are in deplorable condition. I don't know how the health inspector official allows such products to be sold to innocent customers!

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