23 Replies to “Sims 4 but opening a restaurant was a bad idea”

  1. 5 stars
    There was a kid that burst into flames in this restaurant and it was cool I guess
    The food was really disgusting but I felt like the vomiting helped with my obese weight
    There was a small puppy white facing in the restaurant however, but it dosnt take away from the experience.
    There was a hot dog employee and he passed out
    My wife died here
    She ate bad food

  2. 5 stars

    The owner was a bit odd but very cool. I liked his style. For some reason, the staff are all in their underwear and I think the chef likes hotdogs. As I was eating my meal, a woman died in her own piss but then I saw her up and kicking. Weird. Moments later I noticed she had caught fire and did nothing to help. In fact, I laughed about it. The owner must have noticed because he came to reward me for my behavior and offered me a place in his β€œsecret” cult. I have never felt more honored. I, of course, accepted and now I’m pregnant with his child. Long live the dear leader.

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  7. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
    5 Star Review

    Amazing food and service would eat here again, when I vomited it was rich and creamy not like the McNonalds food that stuff is bulky throat hurty vomit, overall good owner.

  8. Is Jim Pickens restaurant accepting applications?
    – toilet cleaning
    – don't expect me to wear pants
    – juggling
    – spare hot dog suit

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