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  1. I'm from India dear. I love your videos. However in this recipe we dont add milk. We put home made yogurt called dahi here . A bit sour is fine. So all purpose flour–or wholewheat flour for health-conscious, -plus a dash of salt and yogurt-enough for kneading. Nothing else. Knead, cover withdamp cloth and set aside for30mins. Roll out a circle the pull out two opposing ends of a diameter, which will give soccer ball shape when frying. Use wok or karhai(Indian wok which is not as flat as Chinese wok), for deep fryIng. The bread will puff up perfectly like a balloon(soccer ball). We call it Bhatura. And eat with chickpea or potato thick gravy. Love Anita

  2. I love fry bread, but the kind my Dad made was with water, I think…but, we ate it for breakfast a lot when we were little…my family was poor and this filled all the empty spaces in our tummies just fine!! lol Thanks so much for the recipe Miss Phyliss!! 💖🙏💖

  3. I'm watching your videos here in Rhode Island. Here we make a similar fry bread. We call them Doughboys. Yes, served with sugar/ sugar & brown sugar. We often buy them at our area festivals and fairs. Great on a cool Fall day with hot chocolate!! My mom made these when we were all younger…we're nine kids. A quick and inexpensive meal!

  4. Thanks for this video. I am going to try this with some cinnamon sugar.
    Edited…Do you think it would taste good used as the "shell" with a taco salad on It? Appearance wise it looks a lot like Taco Bells Chalupa shells.

  5. That was interesting about how to roll out a dough without using extra flour, so the cooking oil would last longer without all the extra flour coming off into the oil and getting burnt.

  6. Oh there are so many yummy videos I have to catch up on!
    This is similar to what my mom used to make once in a while, with yeast dough. Oh they are so delicious!

  7. You would make the best Home Ec teacher!! I remember my Home Ec teacher, she was very kind but we pretty much got the recipe for the day and we would try to make it. We would then show it to her then we were able to eat it. One time she told us we didn’t have to eat our muffins, they looked really mushy.

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