27 Replies to “Spanakopita |Greek Spinach Pie Recipe | How to Use Phyllo Pastry Sheets |Cooking With Carolyn”

  1. You go girl! This video spells it out as close to my moms spinach pie that I've seen in all of the videos for this dish, and my mom's is THE BEST!!

  2. Thanks Thanks Thanks! I been through a lot of videos trying get a confirmation of what I knew and nobody answered it better than your videos so thanks again! 😘❀

  3. i'm Greek and was looking for a decent video for spanakopita to send to a non-Greek friend and decided yours was the best. It's very similar to most authentic recipes. You are awesome!

  4. Wow, I love watching your videos.You are an amazing cook. I love your instructions on how not to cut corners. Thank you so much for sharing your information on cooking.

  5. This is my propose !!!! Come on in Greece for vacation and i will teach you how can make your own phyllo from the scratch. After that you will find the real taste of spanakopita.

  6. Great video & editing, so professional! I loved watching this. πŸ™‚ I subbed your channel too.

    Do you know if an egg substitute can be used? Something like an yolk-less egg substitute. I'm on a low cholesterol food plan.

  7. Carolyn, I think you ought to try out for Next Food Network Star. You're such a good cook and your food shows so beautifully. That spanokopita looked delicious.

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