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  1. Yiasou Dimitra
    Been making spanakopita since I've been a kid… We always use the phyllo dough and the frozen spinach… I saw your video here and I was curious because I always wanted to make it with puff pastry but I never knew how since the frozen spinach would not have allowed me to do that… So two weeks ago I made spanakopita exactly the way you made it, except I tweaked it a little bit like adding a little bit more feta ….. It was fantastic even my father liked it… I'm even making one tomorrow for Christmas… And you know how Greek father's could be…efxaristo and Merry xmas

  2. We had this for dinner tonight. They were more tangle than braid and I had to substitute chives for the dill (couldn't find it anywhere) but they were delicious! My super-fussy 5 year old liked it to, and the 20-month-old (even more fussy) at least tasted it.

  3. when I made the apple puff pastry it tasted delicious!!! Sadly, when I made the slits on the puff I made them straight and not on an angle…..it looks like a pastry in a straight-jacket lol

  4. OMGoodness Koukla mou ! This looks wonderful ! Thank you so much Xriso Mou for making this. I made the Tyropita and I cannot wait to make this next.  Happy Thanksgiving Koukla Mou and Euxaristo Para Polee ! Filakia !

  5. Spinach gives off water.. do u have a problem of soggy phyllo or puff pastry if spinach is not salted and water squeezed out? If not, will try your method. Looks wonderful.

  6. Spinach & Feta is one of my favorite!! I need to make this recipe it looks so delicious! Where do you get your parchment paper it looks so much thicker. The one I get always seems to burn on the edges especially if the recipe has a higher cooking temperature. Thank you for sharing this amazing recipe 🙂

  7. Πολύ χαίρομαι που κάνετε τόσο συχνά βίντεο ! Οι συνταγές σας είναι πάντα επιτυχημένες.. να είστε καλά !! Φιλιά από Χανιά !

  8. Such a wonderful recipe! Definitely will give it a try this holiday season. Is it possible to assemble this strudel the night before and just keep it in the fridge? Then bake it the next day

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