State of the Union 2019 and Democratic response in full

President Trump is delivering his second State of the Union address before a joint session of Congress Tuesday night (a president’s first address to Congress is …


25 Replies to “State of the Union 2019 and Democratic response in full”

  1. So we dont get to hear what he is doing for our country but we can hear what's going on with other countries?? Hmmmmm sounds like a Republican to me

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  3. the debt is now 22 trillion,with yearly tax revenue of approximately 7 trillion,the debt is now 3 years of tax revenue .the hijackers had utility knifes,we got borrowed money to buy guns to fight with.

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  5. I guess Democrats don't care about all-time low unemployment for minorities, saving women and children from being molested at the border and rejecting infanticide. I don't need to ask who's side they're on anymore…

  6. Youtube at it again. They are removing dislikes by the thousands. I’m from Ga. it pains me to think this lady is from the same state I live in and love. She is a racist thank goodness they would not let her count the votes she was caring around in the trunk of her car. Cheating democrats

  7. There is NO Democratic party. It has been hijacked by globalist/ Socialist. If you are a Democrat do you really support late term abortion? GLBT agenda? Open borders like Euope that has been trampled? One world government? All socialist countries went bankrupt, but they promised the people free money and healthcare. But when they get into power, they crap on the people that supported them. Look at Venezuela!!! That is what they have planned for the USA!

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