22 Replies to “Still Standing :60 | Allstate Insurance”

  1. To say that this tree is unbelievably beautiful doesn't even come close to describing it. The music, the words & the voice-over by Dennis Haysbert are perfect. This commercial brings tears to my eyes every time. I had to find it on YouTube. Thank you, Allstate.

  2. Wow….one of things that made me think how very insignificant we all are, on this mote of dust! What a majestic living ecosystem that stays strong/resilient/silent. Calling it a tree is gross injustice to this "Angel"! Thanks Allstate, very impressive!!

  3. Allstate and other insurance companies have zero liability thanks to government. Commercials like this have no meaning other than to increase sales by making the morons believe insurance companies are on their side. They arent. Insurance companies make money off you and have limited liability thanks to government.

  4. Allstate is a fake company and what I mean by that they are Lowdown they are sitting on billions and billions of dollars but I tell you what if you don't believe me look at the review if you if you don't believe me do a review on Allstate if you have a claim will not pay and the reason Is because a year ago my house burnt down to the ground I had Allstate insurance for 2 years and when it came time to pay they did not want to pay due to the stress my say fiancee had to have a defibrillator put in her heart because of the stress of the situation

  5. Can't support Red Cross.

    They redirect funds donated for one disaster to other purposes.

    almost as corrupt as the Clinton foundation, which collected millions for Haiti and Haiti never got a dime.

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