Stop Waste: Ask Grocery Stores to Donate NOT Dump

Every year in the USA we produce enough food to feed nearly 2 entire American populations yet 50 million Americans go hungry, many of them children and …


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  1. I love these news clips montage videos! So inspiring, and great way to promote others to get involved with the community and reaching out to local groceries to adopt better, more sustainable business practices. Great work what we've done so far, let's keep it up!

  2. Feeding America uses food that would be thrown away and donates it to food Banks. They pick up the food and I think they rely on government grants and donations. I wonder if more food gets donated then people think.

  3. It's not just food in the trash. People and stores throw away so much useful stuff, it should be a crime! There should be a 'FREE STORE" in every city, town or neighborhood where useable unwanted stuff can go and people who cannot afford to buy new can come and get it. i have found Prada IN THE TRASH….

  4. I work at my co-op, they let us take this kind of food they can't sell home. Our produce section has a program for farmers to pick up the bad produce for their compost or animal feed or whatever. I've cut my food bill down to maybe $25 a week taking home stuff out of the produce bin and past date meat.

    If they can't give it to food banks, they can still give it to employees that are likely living at the poverty level.

  5. Awesome video! Thank you for doing this. It always ticked me off when people talk about hunger in the United States. What hunger? There is plenty of food here for everyone. It's the misappropriation of food that needs to be discussed. Thank you. Thank you😀

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