21 Replies to “STRANGEST Things Found On Google Earth!”

  1. Well the giant man is real and also there's a plane crash in phnum aoral explore the place but don't get far away to the mountain only stay in the mountain and now you can see the mh360 boeing plane

  2. About 8 or so years ago my son mowed a huge penis in our back acreage. I happened to catch him coming out of the field on my John Deere. I asked him what he was doing and he said he mowed a penis. at that point, he got the typical dad questions. Why? Nobodody can see it. Are you bored? About a couple years later I was looking at my property on Google Earth and I will be damn; there is the penis. In fact, 100% zoom shows the kids on the John Deere. How can that happen? Anyway, it has since been reimaged by Google and is now gone but I saved a copy of the old map. 🙂

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