11 Replies to “Super Easy Sync to Google Drive with Insync on Openmediavault”

  1. Why not using rclone? https://rclone.org/
    Simple, light, command-line (so scriptable and can be scheduled), allows you to mirror, you can mount with FUSE or even in windows, enables you to connect to your accounts via sftp, ftp, webdav etc… Supports a lot of cloud providers including, of course, Google, OneDrive, Dropbox, Box, Amazon, etc… This small command can do A LOT. Can also be installed through docker
    BTW, it's free and open source.

  2. i think im going to use this to back up my most important files (~180GB) to Google Drive (the 200GB subscription for 2,99€ is perfect for that) 😊

  3. Can you please make a video explaining how to connect to your OMV from outside of your network. Iv spent the past few hours looking for a video and i cant find one! please help!!!

  4. You are doing great videos! These backing up to cloud services are also great, but could you do video how to backup FROM the example Google Drive to your openmediavault server? That would be great because google drive gets full over time and it would be great to backup google drive to my own server.

  5. Hey, just found your channel. Would you say that that their are decreased ram usage or performance/stability improvements running plex, transmission, sonarr and radarr through OMV + docker instead of native on hardware similar to a pi?

  6. Great videos man! Keep up the good work. Just getting into OMV on my Rpi and you are my goto when I need help. If you get a chance would you make a video on setting up openvpn-as docker so we can remote access our server? Thanks!

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