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  1. It is interesting the caller said in the video that the guaranteed cash value depends upon the market… well whole life insurance there is a guaranteed side so it sounds like he doesn't have whole life possibly variable universal life or something along those lines…. And Orman didn't caught that!

  2. Blood money for kids insurance, bitch gtfoh. Yeah him and his wife will have to go back to work when they should be with their family grieving, prolly take out a loan to pay for funeral expenses and every time they make a payment on that loan they will remember their loss

  3. Hey Suze, where did you learn this advice you are giving? While studying for the non-existent finance degree that you don't have or the coffee shop where you used to be a waitress?

  4. What a stupid woman! Giving out blanket advice to people she knows nothing about.  What if these people need life insurance beyond the next 20 years but will be uninsurable because of health issues that she forgot to ask about or that haven't even cropped up yet.  Did she think of that?  Oh, go and CANCEL your life insurance policies and buy term but I know nothing about you and your medical history.  And cash value life insurance builds a ton of cash that is tax free if you use a fixed product with a good company like MassMutual, Guardian or New York Life.    Maybe she should learn a little about finance and insurance before she professes to be an expert.  Maybe she should listen and learn from Ed Slott, the CPA that advocates using cash value whole life to build retirement assets that are not subject to RMD's or the tax code.  Unfortunately, people watching her program think she actually knows something about financial planning, and that's what's really dangerous.

  5. For all these Primerica agents and Term holders that praise this wonderful woman. You have dinner with Suzie someday and ask her about her HUGE whole life policy with Northwestern Mutual. Too soon?

  6. This woman makes millions of dollars giving out advice, some might be good, and some is horrible.

    But, she has a problem with an insurance receiving a commission on a life insurance sale.  

    The problem is she, like many other uninformed individuals, assumes agents are making huge commissions on the policies they sell.  This might, and that's a big might, be true for some agents, but it's not for all agents.

    I got on the internet to see if I could make a 100% commission on the first year of the policy and the answer is no.  

    This lady is so deceptive.  She's peddling term insurance for the companies she likes.

  7. She's making a big deal about his policy not having guarantees, but she doesn't make an issue that there are no guarantees in other investments like mutual funds, stocks etc.

  8. If I wanted to pay taxes and risk loss of value in the market, I'd follow Suze's advice.

    Orman estimated her liquid net worth at about $25 million, with another $7 million worth of houses. With just $1 million of that in stocks, it means that just 4% of her liquid net worth is in the stock market.
    What does Orman do with the rest of her money? Solomon asked, and was told: "Save it and build it in municipal bonds. I buy zero-coupon municipal bonds, and all the bonds I buy are triple-A-rated and insured so that even if the city goes under, I get my money. I take a little lower interest rate to make sure my bonds are 100 percent safe and sound. "
    As for playing the stock market, Orman said "I have a million dollars in the stock market, because if I lose a million dollars, I don't personally care."

    Don't do what I do, do what I say.

  9. I've drank the Kool Aid?  Hardly.  Whole Life and Universal Life are fraud products.  If you do the math, it's always a terrible deal for the consumer.  Don't believe me? Look up the 1979 Federal Trade Commission Report on whole life.  It says all that needs to be said.   Tax free?  The company TAKES your savings when you die!  What good is tax free if you never get your money?  Hutch, at least admit you defend it because you make a living selling it..

  10. Paul Gates has drank the term kool aid. Period. TAX FREE…if you want a tax free retirement….get a cash value policy. FUND IT properly…not like this idiot talking on the video…and it's the best think you can do. See..cash value policies 1. provide a tax free income. 2. don't lapse like a term plan. 3. Once you take the cash out…say in year 5..and you die..your family STILL gets a TAX FREE death benefit. Please explain how you lose?

  11. LMAO..it's hilarious…..I guess the reason cash value policies are sold to the affluent are because they are sooo bad. The American people are idiots. Cash Value policies are the ONLY way to go. Want a TAX FREE retirement? Get an indexed life plan….Only a Roth IRA and Cash Value Life Ins are the ONLY vehicles that offer a tax free income…that's all folks. The ONLY ways to avoid taxes in retirement. PERIOD. I love her calculations…she fails to mention..CAPITAL GAINS…lmao…typical

  12. Lets compare apples to apples! Suze never does. Her analysis is far too simplistic. Do you know why? Because she doesn't know the tax code!! Period! She makes so many ignorant statements in this video, it is nauseating.Financial products are complicated-She is Not! Anyone that says a particular financial product is a "rip off" (unless it has been identified as fraudulent) is tunneled visioned& narrow minded. We all have unique investment objectives, risk tolerances& personal time horizons.

  13. That's why I'm a Primerica agent! I've only sold TERM life insurance. Fortunately, 90% of all life policies written these days are TERM. And all agents that are still selling this whole-life crap should be SUED, every single one of them!

  14. I do not have a closed mind. Cash value insurance is specifically designed to help agents & insurance companies make fat commissions at the expense of the customer. The 1979 Trade Commission report blasted cash value policies. The report determined that not one person has ever retired from cash value policies. Ever! Universal life is even worse! The proof is right in the contracts themselves! I don't have a problem with agents making money, but there's a right and a wrong way to do it.

  15. What is all this about starting multimillion dollar businesses with whole life cash savings? To take a policy loan, you BORROW your own money! Why pay interest on your own money? Why not simply put money in a piggy bank instead (let alone a flexible seg or mutual fund) for a rainy day? To add insult to injury, the insurance company keeps your cash savings if you die! If you cash in the policy your insurance is cancelled! Please explain: how can this be a good deal for anyone??

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