TEDxIB @ York – Yale Fox – Nightclubs as Research Labs

Yale researches social nightclub behaviour with a particular emphasis on music and how it affects people at an implicit level. With a background in biology, …


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  1. Its so awesome to see this field of nightclubs, which ive never been successful at, to be broken down economically and biologically, also which i just returned from. Stupidly thought reading a manga at the bar would attract someone through the contradiction in my actions.

  2. "….how the stock market can affect mood, which in turn predicts the characteristics of popular music."
    WTF? Electro? Ah…I see. Not a nightclub….or a good one anyway. Sounds like he's referring more to a meat market, trendy environment.

  3. if nothing else, he brought awareness of a number of issues to my attention, and that is enough for me.  he had enough data and logic for me to buy it.  hopefully he inspires someone to look deeper.

  4. Electro sounds sad? That's a bit of a sweeping statement …..I can't think of one sad sounding electro track……apart from cheesy chart ones.

  5. Piano is usually kind of sad so I was expecting that one to be the sad at first then I was just confused when he played the second one and thought both were sad.

  6. so the dow jones is responsible for electro breaking through to the mainstream? what if deadmau5 or skrillex played country music instead? what does this say about drum and bass which is almost 80 BPM faster?

    im of the idea that the stock market has nothing to do with trends of musical elements.

    check out my data:

    the modern electric guitar didnt exist before the 50s. neither did the hydrogen bomb, therefore, nuclear fusion built the electric guitar


  7. @thegoldencow @chineboy359 haha Yea I think the happy/sad sound is not universal but rather culture specific..the crowd identified the "sad" sound because at some point during there lifetime they came across the note/chord in a sad context (in a movie , video clip, song etc..).People react according to their experience (we're )

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