28 Replies to “Teeny Weeny Challenge How Small Can I Bake? How To Cook That Ann Reardon”

  1. are we having a food pun war? CHALLENGE ACCEPTED ( ̄ω ̄)

    first of all, i guess i should warn you all (so i don't whisk starting unnecessary beef*) that my puns are *berry cheese-y. my friends tell me i really knead to stop making so many puns, but i really don't peal like it. to be honest, i find making puns a piece of cake*. i could *taco-bout puns for ages, but i guess they aren't everyone's cup of tea*. but hey! if you find my puns annoying, it'd okay! i really *donut mind. personally, i find them eggs-ellent, but i probably butter stop soon. this comment is going nuts with all these puns. have a grate day everyone!

  2. Hi Ann!
    I am a big fan of you channel, but I have a question.
    When you are baking cookies and such, how do you know how long it should be the little mini stove?
    I want to try this out, but I don’t want to mess it up right away.
    A fan 😊

  3. If anyone is wondering how she got that stove, I found it on ebay for about 25 dollars. Just type into google "mini dollhouse metal oven ebay" and look around a little bit. Also, if you want the teaspoons, they are on amazon. Just type in mini dollhouse measuring teaspoons. It takes a while to find them, but you will eventually.

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