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This hectare of fine East Tennessean woodland is home to the nation’s oldest and largest open-air collection of rotting corpses. Motherboard explore the Univ. of …


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  1. I think this is a great program, I want to donate my body to science ,I was told that I couldn't bc I've had hepc,so I have let family know that whatever part can be donated to please do so and cremate what's left and spread me in Texas.

  2. There's a hell of alot more bodies there now in 2019! I listened to a podcast about this. Very, very interesting! Thx to all the donators and anthropologists for the study of this. I might just donate myself!

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  4. I'm sure that many people had beneficiated from this, congrats to the professor and his crew and BRAVO to the brave people who were able to have their corpses donated.

  5. They can tell what point of decay the people are at. People can see what is in people‘s blood or when they have been strangled. They have no clue why or who due to choclear abuse, mandated participation and the whore religion of Tennessee.

  6. I have deep respect for what is being done here at these body farms.. but my question here is why did Dr Bass kick the bones off to the side. that does not seem to be a very nice thing to do to these people. 4:15 area of this film.

  7. Every single one of those skeletons used to belong to a great human being, and I salute every one who has moved onto a different form.

    Except for 2, 2 of them are gay smh my head

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    Muslim proud of being decomposed eaten by ant swell burst fluid smell haha

  9. I remember in summer my dog went missing. 3 days later we saw his corpse on the side of the road…my sister helped me collect him. She pulled his paws to try to get him into the wagon and his flesh almost slid off his bone…He was slimy and bloated gags That smell.

  10. this isn’t disgusting, it’s essentially research in human decomposition.
    think of it, when you die, this’ll happen to you, so don’t bother saying this is disgusting.
    it’s cool, if anything.

  11. People need to understand that individuals donate their bodies to this place. Just like an organ donor. These bodies are legally there. They dont just take bodies and place them! It's common sense. It's so scientists can study to the human death process.

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