19 Replies to “Term life insurance and death probability | Finance & Capital Markets | Khan Academy”

  1. Before applying assess your situation. The application process is not just about your current health it is about your health, financial, and personal history – ALL OF IT.Be sure you are comfortable with giving insurance companies full access to that information. Also, the questions are totally invasive so any mis-communication can be used against you as a reason to deny coverage to your beneficiaries. My advice is live as healthy as possible, save your money, and don't go into debt.

  2. Nice and easy, clear as always. Though this really needs to take discount rate in account. Though that would be complex. Wouldn't you also need a distribution of when during those 20 years there would be one less Sal's among come think of it? It would be more likely during the last years after all. maybe a good reason not to do it more advanced I guess:D

  3. Hey Sal, even I found listening to this a bit morbid. It flashes not so pleasant pictures in my mind. May be you can do another similar video with some different analogy and not talk of your death. But really informative video. Always a pleasure listening to you! Thanks.

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