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    // Tesla Lays off 400-700 employees 1:29
    // Tesla Insurance via Liberty Mutual 6:17
    // TeslaCon Updates 11:10
    // Model X Recall 14:09
    // Model 3 Body Panel Stamping in Real-Time 16:30
    // Used Model 3 for $150K? 18:00
    // Tesla Semi-Truck Leaked Video (Test Mule) 21:22
    // TSLA Stock Rollercoaster Continues 23:30
    // Norway Tesla Tax 25:21
    // Virgin Invests in Hyperloop One 27:41
    // Q&A 29:00

  2. Yes the stamping machines are loud.  I don't think most people don't realize how much goes into making vehicle body parts.  I had the unique opportunity to have my father who worked for a company who manufactured panels for GM until the mid to late 80's.  But the the scale of size of these machines is sort of beyond understanding. I always felt it was easier to put things into relation to each other by saying the height of the machine that was pressing the panels was the height of 4 tractor trailers as if they were stacked one upon another and if you were next to the press you would have been probably at chest level where the parts were being pressed.  Most people working whenever I went to see my Dad at work would always be on a platform that was about 1 to 2 ft up (before even crude robotics were used in the machines)  I also remember there were often anywhere between 4 to 8 presses in succession each molding the panels in minute ways because trying to press everything all in one shot would result in metal fatigue and inconsistent panel thickness.  So they would press to a certain point then press additionally a different way and finally cut any holes in the metal and finally press any final trim or bends before being stacked for the next steps (QA and then the welding line)

  3. Definitely silent truck, first sound was the air release values from the breaks and then sounded more like tires and whatever making any other noises. but if it was the tesla truck, I wonder if it was just empty.

  4. I went through the process and it was almost double what I’m paying now. They did call back and verified that was the best rate they could offer. Not competitive at all.

  5. Ben, love the show and all the data, but the audio is killing me. The last few weeks (since about when you switched formats) something I the audio chain is over driving the input. It's resulting in a very hash sound.
    Keep up the good work, but please get this worked out before TeslaCon.
    BTW, if there is a difference I'm watching the YouTube video.

  6. Liberty Mutual Sucks! Everyone that I know that has had there insurance has said nothing good about them. +Teslanomics by Ben Sullins

  7. Wait until Volvo/ Polestar and BMW plus Porsche comes on line. These car makers have deep pockets, Porsche is going to dump a billion dollars into the Mission E.

  8. Isn’t the Model X seat issue a pretty quick fix, I believe even a Tesla Ranger could do that just dropping by when your car is available for example while you’re at work and the car is in the parking lot.

  9. All these Tesla apologists saying that it's normal to fire people like this have no idea what they're talking about. By many reports it wasn't just poor performing employees who were let go. Look around the web, and you'll find that Tesla is notorious for poor management as well as firing people for bad/no reasons, as in this case. Ben's take on this was mostly on point here, and all these other commenters are trivializing something that is quite serious.

  10. I don’t think you have enough information to understand or explain the layoffs. Changing strategies require redefinition of labor requirements and can affect masses of people.

  11. Are you planning on inviting the guys from OCD detailing and/or Like Tesla as speakers on Teslacon? Can't wait to see Robert Llewellyn's contributions, he is a a hero, a pioneer and an English legend. Keep up the good work Ben.

  12. Saving money with Elon Musk companies? In 10 years a Model S probably won't resell for more than a Toyota Prius. So many kowtowing to Musk, it's like paying a boy to play with his toys. Maybe he will take us to space but this idolization of this boy-man is more dangerous for our country at large than Trump as president!

  13. It's a real shame USA doesn't use Celsius as it's a far easier scale to use when 0 is where water freezes at standard atmospheric pressure.

  14. I was a truck driver. cant deny it may be a Tesla, but if that trailer is empty a truck could take off that fast no problem. Driving a truck without a trailer feels like a dragster. It could be a Volvo or not… Also with modern regenerative systems you don't typically see exhaust anymore.

  15. this is only 1% of staff…. I'm sure everyone reading this works for someone that could lose 1%. I agree totally it could be damaging to culture, but…. you do find a lot of loafers in factories and unskilled environments. I assume these are not engineers they are bumping.

  16. Heavier car more wear on the road. So tax cars by weight. Buuuut the extra weight is from the inner structure of the car and makes it safer. So it could potentially in effect be a anti safety tax, though of course that is no one's intention. Not good. What do you think Ben?

  17. Obviously you never supervised people. In my experience 25% of the work force are under performers. There always a segment of the population who just do just enough or away look for a way to do nothing.

  18. For the record: I know people in Tesla who were NOT fired. According to them, the people laid off scored 3 or under in their performance evaluation. To be blunt, the slackers. Many fired individuals will never admit they were fired for being incompetent and will instead find some other justification. Personally, I feel that unions are good for the slackers to help less competent people to keep their job. My friends in Tesla refused to join any Union because according to them, they are competent and they don't need one.

  19. Would you agree that maybe Tesla is pushing the Mod3 back to January, so that they may get the maximum rebates for Mod3 reservation holders? IMO the termination may be those pushing for a union… This would be the Hoffa way. Get rid of all opposer to make way for no change, and strike a bit of fear in others. Tesla my have just removed its cancer. I have nothing to base this on, and it is all just pure conjecture.

  20. Tesla insurance was tried in Australia many months ago. I got a quote at the time. I forget what the premium was other than it was much more expensive than the insurance I already had and that seemed to be typical. The insurance was not actually from Tesla themselves but from a couple of the usual insurance companies with the name Tesla applied. I guess Tesla got a cut.

  21. Touching on the insurance segment…I have had Liberty for years with all of my vehicles, homes etc. and they offer a premium service at what may seem like a premium expense to some. That being said, I have a lot of things to my advantage with Liberty (i.e. over 10 yrs. as customer, great credit, great driving record, multi-policy discounts, within "X" miles of emergency services etc.) and I was quoted $168/mo for M3 which included most everything mentioned in your video including uninsured motorist coverage (OK has one of the high uninsured motorist rates in the county). The second best quote I received was $160/mo for simliar coverage from State Farm and that was for M3 only, not adding my home, other insurance policies, or my other vehicle. It may be worth mentioning that when I first called my agent, she quoted about $360/mo for same coverage. After discussing the vehicle with her, she offered to get me in touch with the underwriters (hence the higher-than-expected costs of coverage). After speaking with the underwriters and explaining that the M3 has highest safety ratings, some steel construction (which saves tremendously on repair costs) allowing them to be much easier/cheaper to repair etc. they were willing to provide a much better rate! The underwriter point blank told me that Teslas (they were all lumped into the same category apparently) were historically extremely expensive to repair driving up costs, therefor it was considered a luxury sedan and was priced out accordingly. When my M3 delivery approaches I'll drop a line to update on the final number. I hope this helps other Tesla and would be Tesla owners as you shop for insurance and compare!

  22. Not sure what companies you've worked for, but in almost every company I've worked at, 50% or more of the people are expendable and little more than salary thieves.

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